IT Protection

Ensuring your systems are protected

We know keeping your systems safe is of critical importance

It's critical for businesses to ensure their systems are secure not only from an outside attack but from the inside too.  At Xcina IS we know the common shortfalls in computer security measures and we can help you implement improvements based on proven technical, infrastructural and organisational safeguards.

We understand that business continuity is key, and can provide advice and support on:

Understanding your risk

Protecting your network

Managing IT access

Keeping your IT up to date

Using anti-malware defences

Mobile working and removable media

Monitoring you network

Teaching best practice

Incident management and business continuity

Installing an antivirus utility and keeping it up to date is imperative. We offer a variety of anti-malware solutions for all sizes of business, from small and home offices through to enterprise level. We also offer backup solutions to cover all requirements.

If you are interested in any of our IT protection services, contact us today!