Cyber Essentials

Guard against the most common Cyber Attacks!

Verified self-assessment for your business

The impact of a data breach on your organisation could be crippling. Whether the threat comes from a rival company, cyber criminals or your own employees, you can bet your data will be valuable to someone.

Cyber Essentials is a  Government-backed scheme designed for businesses of any size in any sector. It helps your business achieve a baseline level of cyber security will will  guard against the most common cyber attacks, and demonstrates to customers that you are serious about cyber security.  

When an organisation with a turnover under £2 million achieves self-assessed certification covering their whole organisation, they are automatically awarded Cyber Liability Insurance to a limit of indemnity of £25,000 (terms apply).

Cyber Essentials focuses on 5 key areas:

Access Control

Users have the minimum access required to do their job. This means that if an attacker were to gain access to the system, they would not have permission to do anything.

Secure Configuration and Network Management

Ensures users can only access the information required to do their work. This prevents unauthorised actions being carried out and decreases the number of areas that an attacker can exploit.

Malware Protection

This helps to identify and prevent/remove any potential threats from malicious software.


This determines who has permission to access your system from the Internet and what can get in and out.

Updating Software/Patching

Cyber criminals aim to exploit widely known vulnerabilities in software or operating systems. Installing updates helps to fix these vulnerabilities.

Cyber Essentials involves a self-assessment that is audited by an accredited certification body (Xcina IS).  It is an ideal first step for businesses to take to protect themselves against common threats and to help reduce cyber crime.

Cyber Essentials Services

Xcina IS is an IASME-accredited certification body for Cyber Essentials, and can help guide you through the certification process and provide advice on remediation as and where required.

If you are interested in gaining Cyber Essentials certification or have any queries relating to the scheme please contact us today.