Counter Fraud Fundamentals

A new service from Xcina Is!

Do you want to reassure your existing and potential customers and supply chain that you take fraud seriously, and have taken crucial steps to protect their information and money?

Counter Fraud Fundamentals could be for you!

Designed to prepare and protect a wide range of companies, such as challenger banks, fintech companies, and insurance and retail sector organisations , IASME’s Counter Fraud Fundamentals scheme provides certification against the basic counter fraud controls for organisations of all sizes, including oversight and control, protection and detection, response and recovery and the data management and analytics of businesses.

The certification process requires applicants to answer a set of questions via a secure assessment platform . A board member must sign a declaration confirming the accuracy of the answers, which are then reviewed by our IASME Counter Fraud Fundamentals trained assessor.

Assessment costs £400 plus VAT.